The "new" custom designed surgical stainless steel Silver's blade has a 11/2 inch (4 cm) postage stamp size cutting edge to be used with the Silvers miniature Skin Graft Knife handles.

The steel thickness now mirrors that of other skin graft blades such as the 9940 - 158 mm providing more stability for the user and preventing the occurance of skin tear or roll up during harvesting.

They are ideal for harvesting small intricate grafts from areas which would not be accessible with the larger standard handles such as the ear, dorsa of the hands or scalp.

Although used mainly within Plastic, Reconstructive and Oral surgery the Silvers can also be used for the debridement of wounds.

Dr William J Ryman M.B,B.S.,F.A.C.D., Dermatologist and Mohs surgeon Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, N.S.W. Australia who trialled the Swann-Morton Silvers Skin Graft Blades on behalf of the company whilst in the development stage explained how he prepares to take a graft using the Silvers Knife.

"Under sterile operating conditions we insert the blade into the handle being careful not to damage the cutting edge of the blade by striking it to metal. You also have to be be careful not to injure yourself or a member of the team given as the blade is very sharp."He went on to say, "We then fit the blade retaining plate. It is asymmetrical so the shorter section is applied over the free blade edge. Incorrect fitting of the blade retaining plate so that the retaining plate overlies the free edge of the blade means it can strike the handle body near the lateral free edges of the blade. Insert and tighten the fixing nut to firmly hold the blade in the handle"

Dr. Ryman says, " The thickness of the graft to be harvested is determined by adjusting the two thumb screws on each upper side of the handle. The thumb screws move the harvesting guide either closer to, or further from the blade and change the thickness of the harvested graft accordingly. You have to turn the thumb screws equally to maintain the blade parallel to the harvesting guide.Split thickness grafts vary in thickness from thin (0.008 of an inch) to medium (0.010 of an inch) to thick (0.012 of an inch).A Swann-Morton No.15 scalpel blade can be passed between the blade and guard to check the selected thickness prior to harvesting a graft. The thickness of the disposable 15 blade is 0.394mm or 0.0155 inch. If the number 15 blade passes freely between the skin graft disposable blade and the harvesting guide this will provide a thick split thickness skin graft. This is useful if harvesting from the anterior or lateral upper thigh. " He says, " If the forearm or arm is chosen then select a thin to medium thickness split thickness skin graft. The number 15 disposable blade will only pass part way to the bevel. The recipient site will determine how thick a graft you wish to harvest"

"Finally" he says, "after appropriate anaesthesia and application of lubrication such as liquid paraffin to the donor site and skin graft knife, the graft is harvested by steadily moving the blade back and forth at the same time stretching the skin to hold it firm. The same technique can be applied to the larger skin graft knives such as the Braithwaite and Watson."

Blade - Sterile

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