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Welcome to Swann-Morton Interactive. Here, you can watch videos, review articles as well as download pdf documents to help you get the most from your Swann-Morton products. This section is constantly updated with new information and our sales and marketing team have also provided links to many of these resources from within the products section of our website - ensuring our customers get relevant articles as efficiently as possible. For any copies of product Instructions for Use or information supplied by the manufacturer such as symbols then please refer to the "pdf" tab of this section.



  • Company

    Swann-Morton Limited is part of the W.R.Swann & Co group of companies which also includes, Swann-Morton (Irradiation) Services, Swann-Morton Microbiological Laboratory Services, Jewel Blade, JK Surgical (Poland) and Swann-Morton Sinner (France). The headquarters, manufacturing, heritage and heart of the company are located at Penn Works in Sheffield. Here are just a few FAQs we receive about our company. View Category

  • History

    Swann-Morton has a long and interesting history spanning some 86 years. The ethos of employee ownership which is now been copied by numerous organisations stems from Mr. Swann's founding principles which hang proudly on the wall of one of the main meeting rooms at Penn Works and are still followed to this day. Here are just a few FAQ's we receive about the History of the company and our scalpel blades. View Category

  • Products

    The range of products has evolved hand in hand with the company and with surgical techniques. The increasing demands on the World's top surgeons to provide life changing as well as lifesaving surgery have driven product developments and refinements to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. Consistency of quality is "key" to all Swann-Morton's products. Here are just a few FAQ's we receive about our products. View Category

  • Training

    Swann-Morton is committed to assisting health care practitioners to adopt best practice techniques when handling their products. An interactive training suite is available via the website as well as hands on session offered across the UK by an experienced customer support team. Look out for the new online training module due to be launched early 2018. Here are just a few FAQ's we receive about the training we offer. View Category


Over the past 15 years, Swann-Morton has supported sharps safety initiatives with the introduction of a number of blade and scalpel safety solutions and education on best practice when handling surgical sharps.

As well as providing informative hands-on training sessions in many Hospitals across the United Kingdom the online training module provides wider access to our AfPP endorsed materials and has been accredited for 2 hours Continual Education.

AFPP Accreditation

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Trainees will be able to:

  • Identify the risks associated with handling scalpels and how and where injuries can occur.
  • Identify elements of good practice when handling scalpels before, during and after surgery.
  • Learn how to use Swann-Morton safety engineered scalpel devices safely.

On completion of the modules, trainees will sit a short multiple choice exam. If successful, a certificate bearing their name will be automatically generated and sent to their registered email address. This may then be added to their personal development portfolio.

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