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Founded in Sheffield during 1932, Swann-Morton have become a world leader in the manufacture of surgical blades, scalpels and handles. It is a name respected globally for quality, precision, consistency and reliability and recognised for combining traditional blade making skills with the latest technology.

The preferred choice of many of the World's surgeons, the wide and varied range of products consisting of around 70 individual blades shapes and 30 different handles is also used extensively by other healthcare professionals such as G.P.s, Nurses and Paramedics along with practitioners in the associated fields of Dentistry, Podiatry and Veterinary surgery.

Exporting to over 100 countries around the World, Swann-Morton have established an extensive network of overseas distributors supporting the local customer base and ensuring service levels of the highest standard are maintained at all times.

Swann-Morton has two overseas subsidiaries Swann-Morton/Sinner based in Peynier, France and J.K.Surgical based in Poznan Poland.

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Blade Removers

The Swann-Morton Blade Remover allows for safe and easy removal of all sizes of scalpel blade from both No.3 and No.4 handles and is now used extensively within UK Hospitals to assist with sharps injury reduction amongst staff.

Supplied sterile it allows the device to be included on the instrument tray within the OT and to be used at the site of the invasive procedure. The transparent nature of the material allows for 100% accountability of the blades that have been used during the surgical procedure, each one safely encapsulated within an individual remover which may then be disposed of in an appropriate sharps bin or container.

Product Showcase

The Swann-Morton Retractable safety scalpel supports and enhances safe passing procedures and protocols already practiced within the Operating Room and Theatres.

High visibility and colour coded for ease of blade shape recognition the scalpels feature a strong temporary forward lock position to prevent uncontrolled retraction when contacting with bone during use, a central safe passing position and a rear permanent lock to be engaged prior to final disposal in a sharps container.

The 2019 launch of the extended range will see a 10A,10R,12,14 and 15C shapes become available as well as a new box of 10 packaging option for the sterile products in addition to the standard box of 25.

The bulk non sterile format for the kit and tray packers will remain unchanged with the new shapes also available.

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5th February 2020

Post Implementation Review of Sharp Instruments in Healthcare regulations 2013.

Injuries from needles and other sharp instruments (needlestick / sharps injuries) constitute a known risk in the healthcare sector. Sharps injuries to healthcare workers from instruments contaminated with a patient’s blood have potential to transmit more than twenty infectious diseases including blood-borne viruses. This can have a serious impact on health. Also, the anxiety and side effects of post-exposure prophylaxis can have a significant personal impact on healthcare workers.

Post Implementation Review of Sahrp Instruments in healthcare regulations 2013.

2nd December 2019

South African Dentistry Award 2019

The annual Swann-Morton Dentistry Award was recently presented by Teagan de Vos from Medequip to the proud winner Carissa Deeplal.

South African Dentistry Award 2019