Founded in Sheffield during 1932, Swann-Morton have become a world leader in the manufacture of surgical blades, scalpels and handles. It is a name respected globally for quality, precision, consistency and reliability and recognised for combining traditional blade making skills with the latest technology.

The preferred choice of many of the World's surgeons, the wide and varied range of products consisting of around 70 individual blades shapes and 30 different handles is also used extensively by other healthcare professionals such as G.P.s, Nurses and Paramedics along with practitioners in the associated fields of Dentistry, Podiatry and Veterinary surgery.

Exporting to over 100 countries around the World, Swann-Morton have established an extensive network of overseas distributors supporting the local customer base and ensuring service levels of the highest standard are maintained at all times.

Swann-Morton has two overseas subsidiaries Swann-Morton/Sinner based in Peynier, France and J.K.Surgical based in Poznan Poland.

Swann-Morton In Focus

Product Range in Focus

KLEEN Blade Management System

Complimenting the existing range of safety products the KLEEN Blade Management System allows for effortless safe attachment and removal of surgical blades from a standard handle. The system which incorporates a quality Swann-Morton surgical blade is designed to operate with most No.3 and No.4 standard surgical handles already in circulation within the hospital system thus minimising disruption and cost during the conversion process.

The blade is supplied sterile inside a protective sliding sheath which covers the blade completely thus assisting with accident free handling. The sheath fully exposes the surgical blade when in use with an intuitive lock which prevents any forward movement of the sheath during the procedure. Easy to detach the BMS encapsulates the contaminated sharp which is still visible for the final count and to help ensure safe and responsible disposal.

U.S.Patent No. 8,931,181.

Product Showcase

In response to EU Council Directive 2010/32/EU Swann-Morton have extended their range of Retractable Safety Scalpels to include the larger size of blades 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25A.

Supporting existing safe passing protocols and procedures the scalpel has a reinforced temporary lock in the forward user position ensuring the blade will stay extended even if it encounters a hard surface or bone during use.

When in the retracted position the slider mechanism contains a notch that holds the blade securely in the retracted position.

A permanent lock position at the rear of the scalpel, requiring a conscious amount of force to engage the slider, ensures the contaminated blade remains retracted whilst disposing in an appropriate sharps container at the end of the procedure.

With a high visibility red handle the sliders are colour coded for ease of blade shape recognition.

The scalpels are available in sterile boxes of 10 or 25 and in bulk non sterile packs of 500 for the kit and procedure pack manufacturers.

Latest News

22nd February 2021

BladeFlask EVO on the horizon.

Coming soon to the UK market and available through Swann-Morton is the "NEW" Qlicksmart BladeFlask EVO which can accommodate even more types of scalpel handles and blades including large autopsy scalpels, thick and round handles, even hexagonal shaped versions - giving you greater freedom in using any scalpel you want. It is so simple to use with just one hand. Embrace safety with the new standard in scalpel blade removals.

BladeFlask EVO on the horizon.

4th February 2021

"New" range of Ergonomic Handles

Swann-Morton are launching a “new” range of Ergonomic handles which are designed to maximise performance and dexterity and feature a textured surface finish for ease and comfort of grip whilst minimising fatigue. These ergonomically designed handles are used in a Histology, Pathology / Autopsy and Laboratory settings whilst they can be autoclaved to avoid any cross contamination of samples. 



"New" range of Ergonomic Handles