Swann-Morton (Services) Limited

Swann-Morton (Services) Ltd uses gamma radiation from a Cobalt 60 source to irradiate products in a state of the art computer controlled continuous irradiation facility. The high quality service is available to other producers and suppliers.

Swann-Morton (Services), in conjunction with Swann-Morton (Microbiological Laboratory Services), can provide a dose setting and dose auditing service to determine the required absorbed dose to provide a sterile medical device. The facility is routinely inspected by the FDA.

The company is certified to ISO 13485. View our certificate here

For further information or advice on technical aspects of the process please contact the company by one of the following means: Swann-Morton (Services) Limited

Owlerton Green Sheffield S6 2BJ e-mail: services@swann-morton.com Telephone: 0114 2344235 Facsimile: 0114 2853413