Post Mortem

The PM40 range with it's traditional "Screw Fitting" heavy duty Stainless Steel handle and the PM60 range with a standard blade fitment both include bull nose blades for added safety and protection against accidental sharps injuries. A versatile and comprehensive range for Morticians and Pathologists for use in Autopsy, Histopathology and general Post Mortem procedures.

The range was extended in 2014 with the addition of a No. 22B carbon steel blade with the a "bull nose tip".


PM Scalpel

The non-sterile Swann-Morton Disposable Post Mortem Scalpel has an easy to remove guard to protect the cutting edge and can be safely disposed of into an appropriate sharps container upon completion of the procedure.

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PM22B Blade

A further extension to the Histopathology and Autopsy range the No. 22B carbon steel blade has the added safety feature of a "bull nose tip" to help offset the occurrence of accidental sharps related injuries during use.

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This heavy duty blade for use during Post Mortem procedures fits the PM40 Stainless, Standard or Plated Handles.

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A heavy duty blade used for Post Mortem procedures with the added safety feature of a "bull nose tip" to help offset the occurrence of accidental sharp related injuries.

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Available with or without a distinctive blue coating the traditional PM40 handle with it's heavy duty screw fitting can be used with either a PM40 or PM40 Bull Nose Pathology blade.

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A heavy duty Stainless Steel handle for Post Mortem and Autopsy procedures to fit both the traditional PM40 and PM40 Bull nose blades.

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In the USA the PM60 is the blade of "choice" within the fields of Pathology and Histopathology. Used durng Autopsy procedures they are also popular with the Morticians.

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The PM60B blade, often referred to as the PM70 in the USA, has the added safety feature of a "bull nose tip" which can assist in the reduction of accidental sharp related injuries amongst the Pathologists and their staff. They are also popular amongst Morticians.

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The nickel alloy PM8 Handle with its standard blade fitment will be replaced during 2015 with a new high quality Stainless Steel version.

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