Qlicksmart BladeFLASK provides a simply safer way to remove and contain used scalpel blades. This world-first single-handed scalpel blade remover prevents the dangerous injuries commonly caused by removing blades with fingers, forceps or re-sheathing. BladeFLASK ensures optimal safety based on speed and convenience for the end-user, ergonomic simplicity and passive, automatic and single-handed safety principles. By enabling practitioners to continue to use their preferred metal scalpel handles, the wall mounted or bench-mounted BladeFLASK improves both patient care and staff safety. BladeFLASK meets these essential safety standards. BladeFLASK is a puncture proof sharps container which when it is full, can be disposed of safely without any further exposure to sharps contact. BladeFLASK has auto shut-off to prevent over-filling. It has a built-in counter with a shut-off mechanism that activates automatically after 100 blades have been removed. There is therefore no danger of overfilling. Improves patient safety, by enabling surgeons to use ergonomic precision steel scalpels. Improves staff safety, by ensuring the used scalpel blade is removed with a safe single-handed technique and then safely contained until final disposal. (NPC Code: KCP1000)


Blade Capacity : 100 Blades
Compatible scalpel blades:# 10,10a,11,12 etc. upto and including #25a,27 and 36.
Compatible scalpel handles: #3,3L,4,4L,5,7 and 9.
Incompatible scalpel handles: Baron handles, Beaver handles, Disposable single use handles.

Blade Remover - Non Sterile

ABS BladeFLASK Remover QFYUKSM . Each  
ABS Mounting Bracket QBRGEN . Each  

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