The unique Cygnetic ® handle is designed to assist the OR nurse with safe and easy blade attachment and removal before, during and after the procedure. By lifting the lever to the vertical position the main body slides back allowing the blade to be simply placed into the handle. The lever can then be pushed back towards the main body of the handle until it engages with an audible click. The blade is now firmly locked into the usage position.

If the blade is ready to change or in order to dispose of the final contaminated sharp after the end of the procedure just reverse the above process. Once the lever is back in the vertical position and the blade is unlocked it can be dropped without additional handling into an appropriate sharps counter or box.

The handle can now be sent to the decontamination services department with the other instruments where it can be stripped down into three component parts for cleaning and reassembled for sterilization before the next procedure.

Handle - Non Sterile

Stainless Handle 5398 Single  

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