Cygnetic ® 15 Blade

Instantly recognizable the CYG 15 stainless steel blade shape with its small curved cutting edge mirrors that of the traditional No.15 blade. Thicker than a standard blade thus offering additional rigidity and strength when used in conjunction with the unique Cygnetic ® Stainless Steel handle they are supplied sterile, individually wrapped in foil packets and boxed in units of 50.

Ideal for Orthopaedic procedures where the surgeon may exert excessive  lateral pressure on the blade, Cygnetic has also been used in maxillo-facial reconstructive surgery, Paediatric pathology and autopsy procedures and for taking nail clippings and biopsies for the diagnosis of infections such as onychomycosis.

Blade - Non Sterile

Stainless Blade 5305 Box of 50 View

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