Precise Finger Tip Control


Ergonomically designed, the Stainless steel B3 (0923) also referred to as the "Barron" handle, (J.N.Barron , Salisbury), with its smooth tapered octagonal body, offers precise fingertip control required for Hand surgery such as a Fasciectomy (removal of scar like tissue ), peripheral nerve repair and surgery of the tendons and joints.

Beneficial for making delicate dissections and cutting along curved lines it is also popular within the disciplines of Maxillofacial, Plastic and Periodontal Surgery.

The B3L (0924) is longer than the standard B3 providing greater reach and depth of surgical field so can be used for such procedures as a Tonsillectomy.

Both handles are compatible with the complete range of No.3 fitment blades.

Precise Finger Tip Control