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Founded in Sheffield during 1932, Swann-Morton have become a world leader in the manufacture of surgical blades, scalpels and handles. It is a name respected globally for quality, precision, consistency and reliability and recognised for combining traditional blade making skills with the latest technology.

The preferred choice of many of the World's surgeons, the wide and varied range of products consisting of around 70 individual blades shapes and 30 different handles is also used extensively by other healthcare professionals such as G.P.s, Nurses and Paramedics along with practitioners in the associated fields of Dentistry, Podiatry and Veterinary surgery.

Exporting to over 100 countries around the World, Swann-Morton have established an extensive network of overseas distributors supporting the local customer base and ensuring service levels of the highest standard are maintained at all times.

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KLEEN Blade Management System

Complimenting the existing range of safety products the KLEEN Blade Management System allows for effortless safe attachment and removal of surgical blades from a standard handle.

The system which incorporates a quality Swann-Morton surgical blade is designed to operate with most No.3 and No.4 standard surgical handles already in circulation within the hospital system thus minimising disruption and cost during the conversion process.

Product Showcase

Ideal for Orthopaedic procedures where the surgeon may exert excessive lateral pressure on the blade, Cygnetic has also been used in maxillo-facial reconstructive surgery, Paediatric pathology and autopsy procedures and for taking nail clippings and biopsies for the diagnosis of infections such as onychomycosis.

The range includes four stainless steel blade shapes the CYG 10, CYG 11, CYG 15 and the CYG 20 available in boxes of 50, sterile and individually wrapped in foil packets which can be used in conjunction with the unique Stainless Steel handle.

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19th December 2014

Safety Stitch Cutter

Further to the implementation of EU Sharps Directive across the member states of extended Europe, Swann-Morton have responded to demand for a safety stitch cutter.

Safety Stitch Cutter

12th December 2014

Swann-Morton CREST award

The CREST (Cancer Research Excellence in Surgical Trials) Award is one part of an initiative to increase the engagement of surgeons in the NCRI and NIHR CRN: Cancer,to increase the number of surgical trials and to increase the percentage of patients with newly diagnosed tumours who are approached about entering clinical trials.